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The writing seems to be coming along – a little bit more, better and easier every day.  The only approach with merit is to keep writing, without judgment.   It won’t be forced through the exertion of will or desire; it just happens when it’s time.  No regard to calendars, urgency or budget.  It’s like all the crap floats to the top and you’ve got to get through a few layers before you reach the useful stuff, but unless you make the effort, you never reach it.  So it goes.

Something about letting go of things that I really have no control over anyway.

There has been interesting plot development occurring for the story and I’m looking forward to getting into writing the detail.

Someone once quipped “everything in its time”.  I get this, though sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what can be moved versus what’s on its own schedule.

The book, it could happen.


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October 23, 2009 at 05:44

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