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then comes tomorrow, just like yesterday.

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She responded to the earlier posting by way of forwarding an internet-psychic’s approach for severing ties with a disenfranchised “soul-mate” or someone who is a reasonable facsimile thereof. This idea proposes that we can cut off connections with someone at a soul level via meditative visualization and then become happy and healthy again.

Perhaps she intended the article as a farewell gift offered by a gracious winner as a goodwill, albeit condescending, gesture. Might have been trying to simply communicate anything because the effort of asking, telling, saying something that requires thought is too hard. Dunno’.

Harmless enough; at least that’s what I thought initially. With the benefit of time and consideration however, it seems this “severing at the root” concept is in fact, bass ackward.

Firstly, isn’t the soul bigger than a simple misguided relationship? Well, what is the soul and how does it manifest in love and life? It’s a big one to nail in one fell swoop and could end up as a lengthy and improvable discourse. Still, to understand the communication enough to appreciate what she is actually saying to me, I need some sort of definition of this entity.

As a concept, the soul does have universal recognition and, seen from a broader perspective, seems to represent an underlying token of our participation in cosmic consciousness. It is the active vehicle used when we venture to understand what goes on beyond dimensions of physicality. It is what, not who, we really are. The soul is the constant through the cycle of reincarnation as held by Vedic, Wiccan, Inuit, Kabbala and other traditions. It is the soul that keeps our tally of good and bad according to Christian beliefs and, in other Judaism tenets, it is the entity that is returned to God at the end of a life.

Plato, and before him, Socrates, understood the soul as the essence of a person. This description seems the least encumbered.

If there is a particularly overt connection between two people at a soul level, where the essence of two people converge, I doubt there’s much use for clocks, road maps or Dr. Phil there. You realize a single connection but, we’re all connected at this level, so what’s the dealio about any one in particular? We’re talking about eternal and universal here; there isn’t justifiable decoupling on the astral plane because she snores.

We connect; that’s it, that’s all. Not much of our mere human existence really matters and the thought of being able to sever a soul connection just seems trite.

On this planet of flesh, blood and bad habits however, we do end up greeting, meeting and leaving. It can be a happy experience; at least I’ve heard that this is possible. It can also surface a million unresolved issues and cause otherwise rock-solid adults to tremble and vomit. It can feel like the end of the oxygen supply, but as always, the tipping-point day arrives when we become focused more on where we’re headed than on where we’ve been. The sharp edges of the experience become rounded, the memories blur and fade and, we’re back at an Indigo, though this time located somewhere else, far, far away.

A more logical and realistic approach than attempting to drop a nuclear warhead on a pesky mosquito, in my view, is to find gratitude about what was good, learn our lessons, take our lumps and move on. When things get rough, as they certainly are want, we can stop, drop and use meditation time on aspirations more noble than attempting to “severe a soul connection”. Perhaps something like bringing purpose, no matter how menial or trivial, to places like Laval. Even a quick chat about it has value.


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October 28, 2010 at 02:32

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