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I don’t believe that relationships end with equality. They don’t begin that way, at least in my experience, so it follows that the exit door accommodates only one of us at a time.

We reach a point where, for whatever reason, we’re glad to be out. Of course it’s a drag if the other person reaches that point first. Nobody likes the idea of being left, or left behind or, to not be seen in the right. By the same token it’s hard to rush out before she’s been able to let go; we don’t want to be hurtful or be the one who’s leaving the other behind.

It’s logically impossible to not get into one of the hurt lanes whether you’re first out or still hanging on. Seems the best that we can hope for is to minimize the amount of time and the degree of inevitable hurt….and keep focusing on what’s ahead.

One of things we want to avoid is hitting the exit only to realize that it was a mistake. There’s a song by Steven Sondheim called Send in the Clowns which describes a relationship where the narrator had been hanging around the exit, somewhat indifferently, until the significant other actually leaves; now, he realizes, she was the one and he’s blown it. Send in the clowns.

There’s more than a few points of interest in these deals: appreciate what we’ve got, while we’ve got it and don’t ever take it for granted. When it’s gone, it’s gone and, it’s easier to open the next door when the previous one is closed.

Written by glh

November 16, 2010 at 00:41

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