sometimes you just gotta' row

from the short story “The Fish Takes a Bicycle”

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The discussion deteriorated quicker than usual and already we’re alarmingly close to the line.

“Well, maybe you think you asked but you didn’t ask me. Yes, I would like a coffee. I told you that already. Thank you very much.”

She uses her thumb and forefinger like needle-nose pliers and neatly pinches the corner of her page into a fold and then firmly runs the outside of her thumb over the crease; four times back, three times forth. I keep the “Bookmarks, Their Usage and Benefits” speech in check.

“But, if I didn’t ask you the question, please tell me, for the love of God, how…just, how was it that you gave me a part of the answer? You know, like you said, you told me the answer already.” I catch myself before declaring the high ground by quoting the marriage counsellor’s dictum about how we’re “both responsible for communicating effectively to one another”.

She snaps the book closed with a two-hander that looks like a martial arts move.

“Did you think that I actually understood what you said?” The charms attached to the silver bracelet around her left wrist continue to dangle and clang like a family of frightened Monopoly pieces.

She’s poised. Her ice-blues are aimed at me in a look reserved for a small, Cartier-wearing dog that’s piddled on a friend’s new shoes.


Written by glh

November 22, 2010 at 12:54

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