sometimes you just gotta' row


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it’s another one of life’s balancing issues. we’ve got to start the day with something to look forward to, otherwise, the point of getting up is moot.

while it is essential to aspire to greater circumstances, as in dreams, there is a risk if they represent the primary reason for getting out of bed in the morning. we’re going to have to really believe in those dreams. no, really believe, as if they’re an absolutely guaranteed done deal. if there’s an inkling of a possibility of that precious vision turning out differently then we believe it will,we’ve effectively bet our destiny upon an uncertainty. tough row to hoe. kind of like setting out for a drive in the country while wearing a blindfold. just too much friction.

distributing the motivation over a balance that includes some of what we have today along with the places and events we’re reaching for, ought to lighten the load somewhat. the key, i think, is to maintain a process of balancing rather than trying for that elusive perfect point of balance. there are times when it feels as though the sun is going to shine forever and, there are other days, when dancing in the rain might be the best available option .


Written by glh

December 7, 2010 at 22:51

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