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yes. among many milestones, the new year will mark a period of one full calendar year of being out here. on the road. losing and finding my way. running away from the circus to join home.

in the way sub-atomic physics mirrors our solar system, galaxy and universe model, so does a life move in cycles that is a microcosm of the larger world. there are predictable seasons, longer nights, more sunshine, harvesting, planting, beginnings and endings. there are times when the end appears imminent. for me, there have been several of these periods during the year. glad to have passed through.

the influence of choices made in the past reflect fate. the pull that leads us from today is about destiny. the power to effect destiny and alter fate is found in will. it is during the darkest times that will seems to have left town though, in retrospect, it is probably during those times that it has been operating at its fullest potential, thus leading us to those crucial, character-revealing points in life.

the past year has been remarkably enriching for me and i’ve learned so much more. it occurs to me that i’ve been vicariously living the story i’m writing and while there has been much strife and worry…exclusively about material survival, i’ve not felt as alive or as fulfilled. i’m grateful, truly grateful for my life.

the novel, which i’ve been working on for the last twenty-six months, boils down to an ending where fate presents the protagonist with a decision to make that will determine his destiny. i still believe he’s got the will to make the right decision, and to know.


Written by glh

December 31, 2010 at 23:37

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