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The lunatics are both creating and reporting the news. CNN and others have been holding a gun to Sarah Palin’s head by associating her choice of PowerPoint clip art to a horrific event. Yes, and now that a death-wish has been issued against the Health Reform Bill by Republicans and several Democrats, the gloves are off and supporters of the Bill are locked and loaded.

Any way they slice and dice it, to smother the truth of human failure in lieu of killer ratings, while simultaneously playing rock ’em, sock ’em with Free Speech, just sets up another showdown that only favors more moot air time. This would be air time that will generate revenue with advertising for beer purporting have a taste experience akin to a “punch in the mouth”.

We are likely to find more value by focusing on what could possibly cause a young American to become engorged with hatred to a point where he is driven to inflict unfathomable pain; the type of ache that is pervasive and relentless, and destined to continue to haunt the people and families personally affected by this tragedy, for generations to follow.

Anything else is divisive rhetoric, lending neither value to heal nor insight that might prevent recurrence.

Get a grip.


Written by glh

January 10, 2011 at 20:15

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