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flit to be flied

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The sun seeped pure rejuvenation through the bedroom window that lets in the eastern sky.  Spiritually energizing.

Her eyes led you deeply into the darkness with an infinite spectrum of hazels and golds that sparkled a precious innocence, when the guardian permitted passage.

The rays were erratically interrupted by a shadow of a house fly that found itself trapped between the window and the screen. There was a way out, a small screw-hole in the frame of the screen that, despite its hundred eyes, the fly couldn’t see.

She’d emigrated from one of those ancient European countries that has a Mediterranean climate but doesn’t actually border the Mediterranean sea. All of that sunshine seems to become embedded within the spirit of the people from the region. Nice.

I opened the window to let the fly escape into the house and walked away, leaving it to its own design.

Integrating into the North American culture required that she learn two additional languages, and become an immigrant-kid twice removed…wrong province to land in. Sure, there were scars. We took a trip to experience the ocean, the same one that she’d known as a child, different shore. The guardian collapsed. Tears in the surf, a reunion of heart. Deeply touching. Then, bubbling fantasies about returning to the sea; fated to fall short of the stuff of dreams that might be. I’m sure she would have loved it here.

The fly was able to find the exit in the screen and rather than entering the house it escaped to the outdoors. Curiously, instead of flying away from the house and enjoying its new freedom, it remained at the outside of the screen, desperately buzzing around and attempting to get back in. Back into its prison.

Nothing left to do except close the window.


Written by glh

March 30, 2011 at 17:49

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