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I wasn’t expecting to see them again, the intruders. Earlier in day I’d glanced out over the bay, which is my new front yard, to catch the immense wing span of an eagle as it landed in the lichen of low tide. Might be a Golden Eagle, don’t yet know, but if a gull is a Chihuahua, this bird is a Great Dane.  Its wings cast a shadow even in the neutral haze of a clouded day. It dug and foraged for seafood while its partner waited in a tree on the shoreline. Nice neighbours I was thinking, when I happened to catch a movement through the south window.

There were five of them and as they came around to the eastern side of the house they stopped and looked at me looking at them through the window. They were full, taut and fearless. One well-muscled individual stood an easy five-and-a-half feet at the shoulder. An interruption from farther to the west caught their attention and they turned as one to look. Then, precisely on queue, they all bounded away, powerfully, stopping once to look back before continuing on their way. These creatures defined elegance with a noble air that was nothing less than pristine. A moment most exquisite.

This evening, upon turning on to the short road that leads to my new digs, and which dead-ends at the sea, a full eight hours since I’d first seen the herd of White Tails, there they were again! They chose not to dash but instead pranced alertly, parallel to my rolling Uhaul truck while I watched them. Again, awestruck while pointing the truck toward the driveway (and out of the drink).

As Annie (the little orphan) once sang, I think I’m going to like it here!

Written by glh

March 17, 2011 at 23:49

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