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know a woman i once knew. she’d had a prior experience with a husband that can be described as unfortunate in the way a fatal fire is unfortunate for its victims. her scars include a child of separation and emotional consequences that can only occur when it looks like ten years of a life were used by someone slimy to ensure his immigration sponsorship. everyone’s got a story, no doubt.

once bitten, she did have the courage to go back into the water. as a personal flotation device she insists upon full transparency…including open access to each others email accounts; she’ll give you her passwords, you’ll reciprocate. mmm, na.

thing is, either you trust or you don’t. if you don’t, why not? you or the other?

seems to me, someone capable of the sort of betrayal this woman is concerned about isn’t likely to use an open email account to facilitate the activities of said betrayal. gotta’ draw a line of reasonableness while appreciating that the discomfort will simply follow the flow, regardless of how many “adjustments” are made.

mistrust of the mis-truster is sure to follow.

to find someone to work this kind of stuff through with would be Golden.

i hope we both do.

Written by glh

March 28, 2011 at 22:57

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