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Four Stooges of the Apocalypse

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Perhaps it’s always been this way and only with clarity afforded via the cynicism of experience am I finally able to see it. Our political choices have been rendered so that the ideal leader is the one who sucks the least.

I had the dubious opportunity to witness a televised “leader’s debate” recently. The incumbent, Harper, sly and methodical, arrogant like the toughest kid in the schoolyard. He was in power through the most recent financial meltdown and, as an economy, we seemed to do okay, relatively speaking. Give him that. On the other hand there are a whole bunch of reasons why this guy is plain scary: deception and shades of omnipotence to name two.

I heard a radio ad for Liberal Party leader Ignatieff in which he offers a proclamation, maybe about health-care, except what I remember was the beginning of his statement “…my Alzeimer-stricken Mother”.  Really? Now here’s a guy who will use anything to get a vote, save for dignity and respect or, a meaningful platform. Say anything. Ought to be running the CIA.

Mr Layton hasn’t changed since his days as a city council member. In the past twenty years I’ve yet to see any connection between what the guy talks about and reality. He just says stuff. Comes across as someone who understands nothing about the words he mouths.

Duceppe – I don’t get this one at all. Here’s a guy whose mandate is to divide the country. Well it’s already been divided. Quebec has its own National Assembly. Does anyone in Manitoba (or anywhere else) really want to spend their evening listening to a guy who recalls that he visits Canada, the country for which the election is being held, on occasion? It’s a joke, without that annoying funny part at the end.

Bring back the Rhino party. They at least provided a way for Canadians to express our true opinion about the state of our politics rather than being forced to pick the lesser of the evils.

Written by glh

April 20, 2011 at 04:34

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