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the joy of today’s warmer temperatures turned golden when the sun broke through in the afternoon. the fruit-trees hosted a plethora of flying insects and exotic birds. the newly-introduced Atlantic monsoon season has funded lush, abundant growth…verdant decorated with vivid splashes of colour like a Saint Sauveur Christmas tree, everywhere…the rabbits now swing in on vines.

we had this habit of rocking together. in public conversation. private conversation. in bed. we’d just unconsciously tune in to our own natural frequency. independent of but not removed from the rest of the world.

when the deer started dropping in i was concerned about too much trust developing between me and them, knowing that one day they might inadvertently drop in at Elmer Fudd’s place. Elmer is driven by a primal, unsympathetic need to feed his children or his ego and owns a powerful rifle with a telescopic sight.

it was a sign that the guardian had relaxed and her essence was allowed to surface. precious.

thing is, if you do the right thing, no tricks or traps, you can’t control the wildlife. you can appreciate and be awed by it but trying to effect its destiny is simply not in the cards. nature, non capisce.

the rain and fog are beginning to lift and it’s getting near the time for yet another transition, since my rental arrangement finishes at the end of June. the book remains unfinished. i still receive emails from recruiters and, on occasion, i feel ready to consider the offerings…take a project, go back to the place where the fork in the road appeared. i’ve been a writer since childhood and on one level it doesn’t matter what else is going on, i’ll continue to write. it’s just that i don’t know if going back is even possible and, at this juncture, i still find wonder and fascination in this journey. in spite of how tough it’s been at times. i think i need to keep pushing.

yes, i’ll always have a warm spot for the wildlife, whether be found in town or country, but i know it’s not mine to keep ’em away from Fudd if that’s where they want to be. he ain’t on my road.

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May 30, 2011 at 22:12

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