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It appears to be the thing you want; aspire to, more than anything. Adoration in her smile, paradise of her touch. She offers martyrdom and you wonder why you deserve this much, so much. A flicker within the glow and you look for the hook.

Yes, there will be a price. Nothing, anywhere, is free of cost and promise this weighty will hurt large.
Each fragrant breath in the sanctuary will prove dearer than the last. You must stop the sweet giddiness before the billing cycle rolls again.

Fortitude is your proven friend but you know she is stronger than sorrow; you begin to tremble.

The less you show, the deeper and farther you will go. Until your heart merges with her discretion.
Then, you resisted the urge to bow; now, doubt stands you up and so back.

Once regret has had its way, you pray and listen for the sweet whisper bearing your name.


Written by glh

May 14, 2011 at 20:13

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