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Among other contributions to the world, Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner, philosopher and architect, led the creation of an educational system based upon anthroposophy, Walfdorf Education. One of the many interesting strategies of this schooling is seating children in the classroom so they are near students who share similar traits of personality. Being able to see themselves in others provides the kids with awareness which empowers them to appreciate their strengths and to round off any less-desirable behaviors and habits.

For the first time I have a roommate – over the years I’ve shared households with partners, and in several instances, their children too, but not as a roommate per se, and certainly never with a male. Preparing for the next stage of the journey required I move into Halifax for the month of July and, for accommodation, I’ve chosen a rental arrangement where I’m sharing a house with its owner.

I used to collect stuff…fine furniture, Persian rugs, cognac, crystal, etc. – whenever a relationship included children, much of the stuff would go into storage; for protection. Yes, anal. There was a time when I’d offer a justifying argument, which would include terms such as fragile, expensive and unfortunate-awkwardness-of-children.

The owner-dude of this house is, mmm, particular about his stuff. Yes, I do see my behavior of yore and, no, I don’t like it.

Upon receiving this gift of awareness I confess to the act of allowing material craziness to override respect, caring and common sense. I am truly, sincerely so sorry to all those people affected by the particular behavior. Glad to have learned about it.

Today I can say it’s not easy for a guy like me to tip-toe around for a guy like that! Guess it’s a sort of penance for all those years. Grateful for having stopped in and, with less than three weeks to go, I’ll feel about the same when I leave.


Written by glh

July 9, 2011 at 21:21

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