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Aged thirty-eight, looks fifty, three children and has dived an estimated 6,000 times on the President Coolidge – if he were anywhere else in the world these dives, some over 60 meters (200 ft) would be considered technical diving, requiring special training and equipment – here, not so much.

Yes, I should have noticed much earlier. When I ran out of air at 103 feet, he handled it with professional calm and competence. All the dive shops here extend enormous enthusiasm upon visitors to dive on the Coolidge, the best wreck dive in the world. Hard core.

After several days of Coolidge’s 654 foot, 3 inch length, and other junk, we hit the reefs. Gorgeous.

His demeanor melted into boyish excitement when we spotted the white-tip shark. The smile opened a charming view to his heart when we swam with the young manta ray.

We visited upon a giant pacific clam lodged in an area of coral growth that would eventually lead to its death. He lovingly lifted, wrestled and eventually repositioned that forty-five pound critter to a safe location.

True is truth. Priceless.

Written by glh

August 9, 2011 at 15:58

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