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I’ve been sleeping
under strange, strange skies.

Surreal. Sure, one more adjective falling short of the experience. Having stepped off the edge I find myself on the other side of the world. Geographically too.

The apple of the coconut is the decadent-sweet, solidified reduction of the milk.  We discarded the rest. Chucked it into the turquoise, azure and emerald waters that burbled to a brilliant white foam on the diamond sand. The uninhabited island provided a lee shelter and left us to the rhythmic devices of the Pacific roll. Breathing and soaking between the first dive, with the adolescent manta ray, and the next with the white-tip shark. Huge, giant pacific clams amongst the coral reef. Other residents, of stripe, dot and color, uncountable.

I’ve joined the forty-meter yacht Infinity with intentions of understanding some of the world’s environmental changes through the eyes of the people impacted; in this case, people living with the sea. Starting with the South Pacific region.

Presently we’ll begin a training program to learn the process for assessing the condition of coral reefs. Coral, an animal, provides environment for early stages of the ocean’s food chain.

Yes, a long way from home. Maybe it’s all home. At once i find aloness and togetherness. At once, I long for the contrived comfort of the predictable while surrendering to the siren embrace of the strange.

…just about a moonlight mile.
On down the road.

Moonlight Mile
Jagger / Richards
Album: Sticky Fingers

Written by glh

August 9, 2011 at 01:20

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