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“americans posing as canadians to avoid being identified as an american”

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flags are about division…mine versus yours. too much blood, too many tears already.

i’m not a flag-waving Canadian though wherever i travel i wear a small maple leaf on my back-pack; yes, to avoid being mistaken as an American.

the two dimensions from which i wish to disassociate are the inward-viewing, short-sighted, exclusionary perspective based upon ignorance and, like every apex-country before it, the tendency to conquer and occupy. sure, oil is important, security too, blah, blah…

i count many people of American citizenship as dear friends. relatives even. i recently met a fellow diver here in Vanuatu who is from Mobile Alabama. he shares this view of American short-sightedness. he also travels outside of North America.

several years ago i had cause to meet a State Trooper in upstate New York and then an opportunity for an extended conversation with the man. a former marine with two volunteer tours of duty in combat under his belt, he is weary of seeing American casualties of war(s) returning home broken or in bags. he notes that nearly everyone he meets has been affected…family member, friend, neighbor.

fear and greed are the enemy. Americans are just another carrier.

Written by glh

September 18, 2011 at 16:30

Posted in noticing, Politics, War

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