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Originally from the Indonesian island of Flores, it’s been twelve years since the Bali move to exploit what he sees as a smaller gap between the rich and poor.

Flores, is one of the few natural habitats of the Komodo dragon lizard. The island’s once-robust teak industry, along with its rain forests, has been decimated by a slow fifty-year maturation cycle, advances in harvesting techniques and a decided lack of replanting efforts – i.e. greed and mismanagement.

Indonesia’s lot, in his view, is akin to a house occupied by guests who selfishly dominate its owner.

The country was a member of the powerful Organization of Oil Producing Nations (OPEC), think Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Kuwait, until its unceremonious departure in 2008. As an economic coup de grâce, the country has become a net importer of oil…i.e. it buys more than it sells.

Before his two-month old child begins school he’d like to move back to Flores and, with the experience gained from working at the Bali Marina, open a restaurant with his wife.

Bali Marina Restaurant
October 18, 2011

Written by glh

November 2, 2011 at 12:55

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