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unrequited miss

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If only you believe like I believe, baby
We’d get by

a fall is most often associated with an accident, an inadvertent stumble leaving consequence to the mercy of gravity and undirected momentum. falling in love, well, no. it doesn’t make sense.

i wish the message was a sympathetic lie. we both care enough, know enough for that possibility. yes, selfish and unreasonable but you see there is this ache…

yes kitten, i do care about your happiness, and sure, how could i offer anything but support for your new-found venture?

it was easy in the beginning. the potential for a meaningful relationship lacked that annoying logical part. ok, we agreed, let’s just see where it goes. nothing to lose. fun and fantasies to sooth the wounds of histories’ abandonment and betrayal, fate and circumstance. peas in a pod. oh yes, meeting your match can be scary.

we knew at the beginning as at the end; i wasn’t staying, she wasn’t following.

yet, i fell.

he should be able to love you from the valley when you’re in the clouds. you should be able to love him when he’s left and you are right. the love should be  reciprocal and remain bulletproof when the day has gone south, 18,000 miles away.

you’ve told me, with the selfless brilliance that is you, it’s time to let go
the logic is easy and the gift sweet but still, the heart longs for its missing beat.

he should love you the way i do.

If only you believe in miracles, baby
So would i

Marty Balin
Jefferson Starship
Album: Red Octopus

Written by glh

November 10, 2011 at 05:11

2 Responses

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  1. Beautifully expressed. Sweet and devoid of resentment. Thank you for letting go.



    November 10, 2011 at 21:20

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