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Glacier-blue eyes set below a furrow-less brow. An open, curious demeanor on a foundation of sharp intelligence, she remains wonderfully unaffected by all those years of formal education.

After a stint as an educator she worked as a nurse in Chicago where her husband earned his architectural degree. Her law degree was completed upon returning to Canada.

In the five years since retiring the law practice she’s worked full-time as a volunteer, often helping elderly folks navigate the dignity-sapping abyss of bureaucracy.

Recently she drafted a policy paper for the Catholic Diocese in its effort to recover from the worldwide sexual abuse debacle. The resulting plan required approval by the Church’s insurance carrier.

We’re seeking solution for a problem, one that defines the struggle between right and darkness of the human spirit, and a profit-driven insurance company determines whether the approach is acceptable. Huh?

Hartery Family Restaurant
Stephenville, NL, Canada

Written by glh

November 27, 2011 at 15:00

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