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“Oh sixty or seventy I guess.” Cats. And kittens.

The man had always been a dog person. While snowshoeing one day he happened upon a litter of five abandoned kittens. He now distributes a twenty pound bag of kibble, every day.

One of his charges would follow him into the woods like a faithful dog. Last year that clever but unfortunate cat was mistaken for a stray and shot by one of the locals. Tough world.

In an effort to maintain some control of the feline population, litters of kittens found before their eyes open are put down. A 22 caliber shot to the head. Immediate and painless he says. He has someone else perform the executions. Figures it’s preferable to bringing them into the town’s humane society where other methods are put to use.

Now past retirement age he was born in Corner Brook, the town forty minutes down the highway. He’s lived in this rugged hamlet for “many years”.

Says he has a lot of energy and needs daily activity to keep balanced.

We met as he was returning from breaking a trail into the deep forest to enable a path for harvesting firewood, shoveling snow from the church’s parking lot and shoveling snow for an elderly lady who recruited him when she saw him working at the church.

January 20th, 2012
Farm Road
Gallants, Newfoundland

Written by glh

January 21, 2012 at 02:17

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