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Living on hope and other fantasies…

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…then one day the words returned.

Claddagh Gap (working title) version 2.01. Yes, a start-over-from-the-beginning re-write. Sure it’s somewhat daunting but see, the time I’ve spent here with Mother has enabled a whole bunch of clarity around the relationship I had with her and the relationship she has had with the world.  It so happens the protagonist of the Claddagh story begins his journey growing up under the care of a grandmother who has grown bitter and crazy for a variety of understandable reasons and, naturally, the kid gets to live with the consequences.

While the plot and character development have been influenced by the crazy granny / helpless-child relationship from the first draft, now I can see much more in it and ought to be able to better illustrate how the childhood conditions affect his subsequent relationships.

Either that or I’ll quit. Or take another trip. Then again, maybe this is the trip.

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May 29, 2012 at 20:05

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