sometimes you just gotta' row

the trip

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no discernible change one way or the other. thought it was another bumpy tunnel. like a Fellini dream sequence where nobody hears or sees you and the driver just carries on, past your stop.

i attempted everything i could muster to turn it around or at least reduce the velocity. then i realized the direction was down. a shaft deeper than light. free fall, no brakes, no parachute. black, empty of even the echo of alone.

Dante’s anti-chamber of hell would have been a welcome diversion.

whew. not sure there was anything left when i connected with several incredibly compassionate people. yes, it’s always about people. surfacing might be possible after all. yet, days suddenly appear when it remains less than doubtful.

the rains began in this curiously imperial town and didn’t let up after the sun poked through. the idea of a relapse is terrifying. gotta’ go.

yes, change the water...

Written by glh

January 18, 2013 at 23:02

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