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Finished up a particularly challenging Ashtanga yoga class tonight with an irrepressible smile. Sweating sure, but with a smile. Big and without an obvious source but, having survived the darkest night I’ve known in a lifetime, surely welcome.

Wondering about the event responsible for the glorious movement across that last yard of hell. Deciding to “disengage” my current scuba instructor might have helped. Her teaching and management techniques seem to be scored from an 18th century Dickens novel about cruel and unusual theory X management. I tried the always-prescribed confrontation a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, I can’t respond like a disenfranchised orphan; just not into it. Next.

Then I received a message from the frozen, storm-ravaged north from a friend who remains so much more to me, even after she’s found herself a new husband. It’s always nice to hear from her and to again bear witness to her wit, intelligence and wisdom. Good for warm recall anytime.

Of course sweet-child-of-mine Matthew is scheduled to arrive in a few weeks to begin a ten-day visit; just thinking about him is enough to raise a heart-felt smile. Still, different.

I put the ear-buds in and piped up the tunes to walk home with from the yoga centre and, there it was; John Coltrane’s Blue Train, diverging and converging through tunnels and platforms followed by Buddy Holly who melodically noted It’s So Easy to Fall in Love.


I do know she’s as sensually beautiful as any human being I’ve known. I’ve been down this kind of terrain before (see above “frozen north friend”). I intended my stay in this part of the world to be temporary and hoped to visit Southeast Asia upon finishing the scuba instructor program. It’d be foolish to get too close to someone and risk, yikes, falling in love.

A long time ago it was decided I wasn’t going to allow myself to even become involved in the distractions a good relationship creates, let alone be in love, at least until I finished the first book, changed the world, et cetera. Then came the one who got away followed by the inevitable emotional fallout; the cost of enabling it to happen.

I can’t logically imagine I’d take that stroll…again. Well at least the keyboard has unlocked, there’s always that.

People tell me love is for fools
So here I go breaking all of the rules
It seems so easy

It’s So Easy to Fall in Love
Buddy Holly, Norman Petty
Album: The Buddy Holly Story

Written by glh

March 20, 2013 at 22:26

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