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Political shocker! George W was Smarter than Obama.

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The highly-motivated leader of the most-powerful military force on the planet warns, “…if you use chemical weapons during your civil war we’re gonna’ come down on you.”

In other words, as long as you don’t gas your own people, you can continue with your struggle and we’ll mind our business.

“Great news”, Assad gushes, “I can kill rebels with missiles, jet fighters, infantry, flame throwers, mortars, machine guns…whatever, and the Americans will leave me alone!”

“Thank you Mr Obama,” rejoices Assad, “I was worried you were going to become more involved than you already are!”

Now, of the weapon choices available to Assad from Syria’s extensive inventory and from the glossy catalogs of smiling Russian and Chinese arms-dealers, is it likely he’ll check the box next to chemical weapons… or anything that could be construed as a chemical weapon?

It is not too much of a stretch, however, to believe an actor, like the US for instance, would create a scenario that caused “evidence” to surface that establishes self-serving justification to occupy another Middle Eastern country with oil-rich neighbors, if that’s what suits their agenda.

Oh, but wait, could the US intentionally cause the deaths of 1,400 people for the sole purpose of black-balling Assad? So they can shoot missiles into a foreign country they are not at war with? A proclaimed “limited theater”? The Americans, their military-industrial complex economy and Manifest Destiny mindset?

Obama deserves limited credit for trying to plant the “crossing the red line” in advance. At first he looked smarter than George W and the pathetic “weapons of mass destruction fable” which served dub-ya as distraction from the fact that Bin Laden and friends were not in Iraq, not connected with Iraq and attacking Iraq to get al Qaeda was not logical. This remains a remarkably ballsy insult rendered by a leader upon the intelligence of the people he is purported to serve; maybe to be outdone by Obama.

As it turns out however, Obama telegraphed his intentions to the “enemy” and now the Russians are in charge and can decide whether the US fires missiles or not. Unfortunately once national ego enters the picture, all bets are off.  The US people are clearly indicating they’ve become weary of the ravages of war. Maybe the time for changing the guards has arrived or, maybe there’s hope for the planet.

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