sometimes you just gotta' row

sure, it would have been easier…

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…to “move heaven and earth” but, then what? *

for me, an overstay, the blinding, unanticipated flash of love notwithstanding, would have been another back-step. probably for her too.

as it is and, was as it was before, i loved and we learned and The time arrived. with a marching band in case i wasn’t paying attention. it wouldn’t have been the first time. you can find yourself standing on the platform and still not catch the drift.

a tougher go, i hope to never know. daylight after the exit did arrive this time. maybe it will every time. moot.

Song: Miracles *
Words & Music: Marty Balen
Band: Jefferson Starship
Album: Red Octopus

Written by glh

October 27, 2014 at 22:27

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