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paradise flower

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they shone bright inquisitiveness through an iridescent mauve hue and she wore the confident uncertainty of youth.

our paths merged on the beachfront road she’d been morning-strolling. we explored the island and our thoughts until we were sitting on the other side, in front of her bungalow watching clouds dust the open water.

more worldly than her French birthright suggests, her father lives in Brazil, Mother in Corsica. flags, love and wonder.

though we swam the sea until people were indistinguishable from other innocuous dots on the beach, the water remained shallow. colorless coral mattered little under the stars.

the shell with which she gifted me shares the floral design of both her tattoos.

Air, Gili Islands, Lombok
October 29, 2011

Written by glh

November 1, 2011 at 07:51

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