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faith fades in the distance

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it was a training jump from 5,000 feet. when I attempted to pull the ripcord at the end of the planned five-second free fall, it jammed. a “hard pull” it’s called.

the reserve chute will probably work though it’s a solution with little appeal. because of its smaller size, it provides a faster descent and therefore a harder landing. since it’s not equipped with steering, guidance to avoid colliding with trees and power-lines is left to wind and fate. worst of all, once the only backup is deployed, there isn’t a backup. rather not go there.

a lifetime or two ago.

today it feels like, once more, I’ve deliberately stepped out of the aircraft and that damn thing is stuck. again.
sure, it’s better than feigning contentment, but not by much.

free falling
feb 2, 2012

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February 2, 2012 at 13:20

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