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JFK – lessons in public relations; still spinning…

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Yes, a lot of wistful, mournful hoopla peaking on this semicentennial anniversary of the end. While the killing of a president is certainly a worthy reflection fifty years later, somehow the startling event has mutated into a corny media ballad singing praises for a great leader, a man above men. Except it’s gloriously served up on an empty spoon.

Not much in the way of substance. No list of great accomplishments. What did this guy do, other than being a victim, to deserve such over-the-top adoration?

  • He was responsible for involving the US in Vietnam and we know how that turned out. It’s worth noting three weeks prior to Kennedy’s death, South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother were assassinated in a coup supported and encouraged by Kennedy and his administration.
  • He was responsible for a tragically-botched invasion of Cuba.
  • He allegedly stared down the Russians and saved the world from nuclear annihilation. Truth is, he was the guy responsible for the situation escalating the way it did. Russia elected to place nuclear weaponry in Cuba that would reach key American cities after Kennedy neglected to remove US missiles from Turkey with similar strategic value. The US previously indicated they planned to remove the Turkey-based missiles, the Russians began to worry when they didn’t. The world came close to potential destruction because Kennedy fucked around on a commitment.
  • This is a theme; he was a philanderer and, not unlike his father, had a well-known voracious appetite for women; women other than his strikingly-elegant wife, Jacqueline. He was also a “dedicated” Catholic.
  • The Kennedy family ties with organized crime are well-documented and reach back two generations. The votes of mafia-controlled labor unions are credited with ensuring his election to the presidential office. Recordings of conversations between the White House and mafia leaders are public record.
  • To his credit, he delivered several memorable speeches…typically written by Ted Sorensen, his speech-writer, strategist and counsel.

No, not much there worth celebrating that I can see.

…after all these years

Written by glh

November 22, 2013 at 19:10

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