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sure, it might have been the movie…

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…but if a country needs oil like a junkie needs heroin and its collective beliefs are built upon a foundation of documents like the Manifest Destiny (philosophy extolling US expansionism, endorsed by God) and the National Security Strategy of 2002 (the right to unilaterally preempt any perceived threat to the US with the use of force) among a bevy of other similarly-arrogant doctrines, it’s bound to have a foreign policy likely to piss people off a lot more than a lousy, year-old film.

Truth has been buried in political horseshit for so long now it’s likely only to be seen again as a lie.

What goes around comes around and there’s gotta’ be an approach better than murder and mayhem.

Written by glh

September 15, 2012 at 20:10

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