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Feels like stuck.

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It’s all about finding the right rut to get caught in.
Ben H.

Reflecting as we sipped, aside the infinity pool, while gazing another sunset on Segund Channel after the third week of scuba diving spectacular reefs, motorcycling, deep-sea fishing, golfing, swimming blue holes of brisk fresh water, learning to husk coconuts on a near-uninhabited island and lounging beaches where azure churned snow-white on champagne sand.

That was then. Now, well sure, I’d rather be planning a circumnavigation, shopping for the yacht, saving the world or, oh yes, listening to her heart softly pounding; but, there’s some good stuff in this particular rut and it’s unlikely I’ll see it again.

Gotta’ align with the fine, regardless of the time.

Written by glh

October 4, 2012 at 22:32

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